Tales from the Library - Episode 1: Italy


November 14, 2014

Library music is music created for stage, screen, radio and TV. So, by definition, it is associated to a cinematographic or dramatic work. For me, Library Music has become a fascinating world all by itself. I haven't watched most of the movies of which soundtracks I got to love. I feel I should cover this lack some day, but until then I just feel like getting deeper and deeper into this ever magnetizing and highly rewarding musical underworld.

Of all decades, I find that the 70s offer the tastiest part in the history of Library Music, which is definitely a matter of personal taste. But those 70s were the time when a big bunch of authors (some with careers ranging from the sixties to our days) have merged brilliant music knowledge with tons of inspiration and striking technical innovation. They could virtually take on any musical genre and turn it into powerful cinematic sound, with a seducing personal touch. Drama rising from an abstract polka sketch, chase scenes driven by fuzzy guitars and space echoed visions of love or fear - that's what this is all about. And it all sounds superb to me.

For the first episode I've made an obvious choice: Italy. Arguable the land of the most prodigious Library Music of the decade. We're going to encounter classical backgrounds, funky orchestral movements, obsessive-compulsive jazz distortions, most delicious drum breaks and tape experiments. All seasoned with a distinctive Italian spice.

*author's list (in no particular order):
Piero Umiliani
Piero Piccioni
Bruno Nicolai
Alessandro Alessandroni
Franco Bixio
Fabio Frizzi
Vince Tempera
Gabriele Ducros
BRF Studio Group
Giovanni Cristiani
Fabio Fabor
Antonio Arena
Nico Fidenco
Remigio Ducros
Sandro Lacoucci
Albert Verecchia
Paolo Renosto
Armando Trovajoli
Luciano Simoncini
Stelvio Cipriani
Stefano Torossi
Ennio Morricone

Words & mix by Camil Dumitrescu.


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