Philip Glass - In The Attic

The Attic presents a music promenade in the enormous universe of American composer Philip Glass.

Glass is considered one of the most influential music makers of the late 20th century. His music is also often controversially described as minimal music, along with the work of the other "major minimalists" such as La Monte Young, Terry Riley and Steve Reich.


  • Philip Glass interview for Polyrock
  • Music In Similar Motion
  • Music in Twelve Parts - part 2
  • Mr Suso #1 - Powaqqatsi
  • Opening - Glassworks
  • Movement I - A Musical Portait of Chuck Close from Portraits
  • The Castle - Dracula
  • Violin Concerto - 3rd movement
  • Akhnaten: Dance (Act II Scene III)
  • Floe - Glassworks
  • Music In Fifths
  • Contrary Motion
  • Train to Sao Paulo - Powaqqatsi
  • Tirol Concerto for Piano and Orchestra (Sebastian Escofet) - Glass Cuts
  • New Cities in Ancient Lands

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