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We are living in a present copiously infused with moments of the past. We are immersed in nostalgia. We swim in virtual media that play around names like Instagram, but throw aging filters on immediate realities. Or on forums that programmatically gather communities who archive memory.

Batiscaf Radio was founded because the world shifted in that direction. And because the archives of Romanian (pop) culture are buried deep into the ground, with no obvious marks where one can pay a tribute. The Batiscaf podcasts do not come as chronological or neatly arranged archives, but as sporadic moments of Romanian music history that used to function in parallel with the preset paths of official culture.

photo credits: Decebal Scriba

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  • Corneliu Dan Georgescu - Model mioritic (fragment) /// 1982, Electrecord
  • Percussion Ensemble of the Gh. Dima Conservatory Of Cluj-Napoca - Protomuzica (fragment) /// 1987, Electrecord
  • Mărioara Muț - Nu-i motru că știu cînta (fragment) /// 1997, Network Medien
  • Accent - Cîinele enot /// 2007, TVR Media (Original studio recordings from 1980-1985)
  • Mihaela Runceanu - Cocori /// 1976, unreleased
  • Richard Oschanitzky - Călușarii /// 1970, Electrecord
  • Savoy - Răspuns cu iubire /// 1977, Electrecord
  • Perpetuum Mobile - Cînd vine primăvara /// 1975, Electrecord
  • Kisfalussy Bálint - Későre jár /// 1975, Electrecord
  • Phoenix - Pseudo-Morgana /// 1972, Electrecord
  • Adrian Enescu - Sfîntul Danubiu /// 1977, Electrecord
  • Mircea Florian - Harap Alb de Spîn rătăcit în fîntînă /// 1977, Electrecord

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