The Attic Podcast: 05. Zhenya Anfalov as Dj Maurice

Yevgeniy (Zhenya) Anfalov is a DJ and record collector, originally from Kiev, Ukraine and now based in Hannover, Germany. Digging for more than 8 years (mostly underground house and disco of all kinds, afro-beat and psychedelic rock, new wave, electronics, forgotten mainstream, library, etc.), he also has played eclectic sets as a guest DJ in St. Petersburg, Moscow, his hometown Kiev and, of course, his second hometown Hannover.

Occasionally he organizes small parties called Ante-Meridiem-Story and runs a mix-series of the same name. It is all about a love for music and the slavic unpredictability (in the finest sense of the word). Zhenya runs a one-man graphic design studio, focusing on book design, typography and imagery.

Download available through iTunes.


  • Azymuth
  • RF - Theme
  • Weather Report - (from the album) Sweetnighter
  • Dorothy Ashby - (from) Afro-Harping
  • Monk Montgomery - Bump De Bump
  • George Duke - (from) Don't Let Go
  • Parlet - Wolf Ticket
  • Gift Of Dreams - (from) Mandroid
  • Uku Kuut - Demo Tape
  • Арсенал – Пульс 3
  • Cortex - (from) Porqui
  • Mandre - Dirty Love
  • Floaters - Whatever Your Sign Is
  • The Supremes - High Energy
  • California Flight Project
  • Yambu - Sunny

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