Tales from the Library - Episode 2: France

From Italy, we are crossing the Alps in our Library Music digging effort and we are landing straight into the burning heart of France. Here, we encounter eccentric progressive visions, intense existentialist dialogues in jazz and quite a good amount of refreshing gallic humour. Those french sure have a good taste for timeless refrains and contagious rhythms. With a philosophical twist.

In my opinion, this music is best enjoyed with bottle of Bordeaux and a thin, warm light. Goes well if you want to throw Sartre quotes into the conversation, but Verlaine or Rimbaud should go well too for some parts. A pair of vintage, wooden speakers would be beneficial to the listening as well.

Bref? "de la musique avant toute chose".?

Author's list (in slight mix appearance order):

Camille Sauvage
Nino Nardini
Roger Roger
Yan Tregger
Jean-Jacques Robert
Jean - Michel Guise
Bernard Fevre
Claude Engel
Jacky Giordano
Georges Rodi
Bernard Estardy
Jean - Dominique Converset
Frank Galace
Pierre - Alain Dahan
Michel Camison
Frederic Mercier
Hi - Fi Performance
Jean - Claude Pierric
Pierre Henry
Daniel Janin
Gerard Laveque
Claude Romat
Roland Vincent
George Grenn
Gabriel Yared
Slim Pezin
Etienne Cap
Marc Chantereau
Frederic de Roubaix
Patrick Abrial
Jean - Claude Pierric
Saveur Mallia
Christian Poulet
Francis Lai

words & mix by Camil Dumitrescu

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