Destinations Podcast: 05 - Japan

The fifth episode of our Destinations podcast goes to Japan, a place still considered enigmatic for most of Europeans due to the continuously developments happening in most of the technological and cultural fields.

Our selector for this episode is the Romanian artist Mito? Micleu?anu , who digs through '60s garage psych, new wave, synth-pop, technopop, electronic and more, all Japan based. Meet Hiko Natsuaki, Masami Tsuchiya (from the new-wave/experimental band Ippu-Do), The Beatniks, Monotrona, Chakra, Miharu Koshi, Phew, Shugo Tokumaru and more.

*photo credits: shinichiro saka


  • Fumihico Natsuaki - Toki No Mamoribito
  • ゲルニカ - 地球ゴマ - Togawa Legend
  • Inadanian - Shepherd Song
  • Masami Tsuchiya - Haina-Haila
  • Chakra - You Need Me
  • Oorutaichi - Yori Yoyo
  • Ayuo/Ohta Hiromi - Kodo (A Serenade - An Illusion)
  • Chakra - 微笑む
  • Monotrona - Cadillac Fantasy
  • Hi - Posi - Tabooの上限
  • OOIOO - Umo
  • Phew - Signal
  • Miharu Koshi - Save the last dance
  • The Beatniks - L'Etoile de Mer
  • Shugo Tokumaru - Green Rain
  • The Genova - さよならサハリン
  • Suicide Club ost

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