Destinations Podcast: 06. Rincon Caliente

For the sixth episode of Destinations Podcast, our friend Alex Dr?g?nescu (known as JB) takes the audience way back focusing on mambo, latin jazz, salsa and other related stuff, paying a tribute to New York, the city where it all began for him.

He has selected more than one hour's worth of gems from 'El Barrio', most of them bought from the finest record stores there. Enjoy!


JB is one of the most dedicated record collectors around. Based in the beautiful city of Bra?ov, he has been exploring obscure sounds for 15 years and counting, while his DJ sets are journeys through music and time.


  • Tito Puente - Hong Kong Mambo
  • Orlando MarÌn and His Orchestra - Llegue
  • Steve Hernandez - Steve's Boogaloo
  • Bobby Matos and The Combo Conquistadores - Nadie Baila Como Yo
  • Willie Colon - Jazzy
  • Ray Terrace - Ray's Beat
  • Joey Pastrana - How Sweet It Is
  • Johnny Colon & Orchestra - Jumpy
  • Joe Bataan - Fuego
  • Frankie Nieves - El Bembe
  • MC Orquesta - Up & Down
  • Joe Cain & His Orchestra - Que Paso
  • Ray Barretto - El Nuevo Barretto
  • Joey Pastrana - Afro Azul
  • Steve Hernandez - Steve's Impact
  • Charlie Palmieri - Mambo Show
  • Eddie Palmieri - Puerto Rico

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