The Attic Podcast 26. Hydrangea

Hydrangea is a new French electronic producer, doing techno music deeply inspired by nature and its surroundings. She began producing music in early 2014, influenced mainly by the deep and hypnotic Italian techno.

So far, the Annulled Music imprint has released Hydrangea's debut album, called 'Dawn Lights', a sensorial trip that captures each of your senses. She also released an EP on Two&Two Records and tracks on VA compilations, such as The Wandering II Compilation out on Silent Season.

Besides being constantly preoccupied in reshaping her sound and developing new ways of expression through music, she's also a graphic designer and photographer under the alias Horty Shooter, managing the artworks for different music releases and graphic art projects.

Hydrangea's mixtape for The Attic Podcast is a deep journey through romantic, hypnotic, meditative and mental techno. Sit back, relax and enjoy the experience.

Download available through iTunes.


  • Maxime - Between The Light
  • Pedro Aguiar - Black Palm
  • Concept Of Thrill - Baltic Sea (Act II)
  • T_ST & Dronelock - The Eternal Now
  • Sub Accent - Tangents Of Tomorrow
  • Also Die & Zeit - Pinto Di Dusione
  • Sircle - Houndsditch
  • Raime - The Last Foundry
  • Evigt Mörker - Högre
  • Acronym - No Exit
  • Alan Backdrop - Medel
  • Kangding Ray - Leavaila Scheme
  • Byron Metcalf & Robert Thomas - Medicine Work
  • The Ambush - Jungle Fever
  • Stephanie Sykes - No Names
  • Orwell & S Ulbricht - Deck B
  • Refracted - Dual Space
  • Antonio Vazquez - Hidden Consequences From a Diffuse Reality
  • Alume - Isola
  • Arbre Noir - Substance
  • Elle - Thanatos 4
  • Shaded Explorer - Waterfall Soul
  • Rainforest Spiritual Enslavement - These Spirits Are Thought To Live Far Out At Sea And Are Usually Malevolent
  • Tin Man - Nonneo (Donato Dozzy Remix)
  • Ntogn & Tozzi - Wsjr

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