The Attic Podcast 27. Plants Army Revolver

Plants Army Revolver is a fresh electronic music project based in Italy, which digs deep into the abstract territories of techno, in search of a primordial world in tension between rhythmic textures and sonic changes. The result is produced by meticulous studio work and a strong live component. The sounds and percussions emerge from a deep place in-between ambient and techno.

Plants Army Revolver consists of two members: Marco Ragni (a resident dj at Serendipity club and co-owner of Mondo Musique record stores) and Birgan Valentin (a Romanian sound engineer and sound designer based in Rome).

So far, they released on Concrete Records (Diaspora EP) and on HomeMadeZucchero (Cibele EP - which comes with a remix from Neel, an Italian producer who forms the project Voices from the Lake together with Donato Dozzy).

Download available through iTunes.

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