The Attic Podcast: 29. Mick Wills

The world of music selectors and DJs is divided into many categories. Each of them stands out by itself, with an own set of values, aesthetics of sound, musical background and - generally - an own music approach. But the Stuttgart based sound adventurer Mick Wills can't be part of any such category or label, as his way of playing music is totally unique and separates him from any other characters out there. He's a category by himself.

"With pleasure also comes pain - It took me almost 25 years to become the DJ that I am. There is so much good music that should be rediscovered and you have to listen to a lot of stuff until you find something that is suitable for you" - Mick Wills for Juno Plus.

Debuting on DJ Hell's Gigolo imprint at the beginning of the '90s with a handful of releases, Mick Wills slowly but firmly started to build a reputation of an indisputable avid record digger and collector. He created an unique system of selecting and playing music, incorporating his own edits and making each session an absorbing listening experience. His series of meticulous demo mixes became legendary amongst music followers and enthusiasts in search of rich and emotional elements in electronic music and - more or less - other related genres.

His notable works for record labels such as Nation, Prego, Bio Rhythm, Signals, Frigio Records or MinimalRome prove his continuous dedication and concern for substance and passion in music. Mick is not your average DJ; he's not a crowd-pleaser and doesn't play music by any rule. He doesn't follow any trends, but he inadvertently - kind of - creates them, becoming one of the last mohicans of the underground scene.

This session was recorded live at the Panama Racing Club of Intergalactic FM in December 2015. Tracklist to be published soon.

Download available through iTunes.


  • MONOCORPSE - Final Offer (M.W. Cut)
  • THE KVB - A Tenous Grasp (M.W. Cut)
  • BERANEK - Sound Of Danger
  • LOOSE JOINTS - Pop Your Funk (M.W.Cut)
  • BLACK METEORIC STAR - Deceptive Surfaces
  • 5XOD - Negative Terminal Data (M.W. Cut)
  • HUNEE - Hiding The Moon (Mick Wills Remix)
  • GAVIN RUSSOM - Punisher (M.W. Cut)
  • JOSH ELLE - TB Droids (M.W. Cut)
  • SM NURSE - Worst Und Bier/Dance (M.W. Cut)
  • AU - Untitled
  • MARTIN DUPONT - The Light Goes Through My Mouth (M.W. Cut)

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