Composers Corner Podcast: 11. Octavian Nemescu - Side A

Octavian Nemescu is a composer of orchestral, chamber, choral, electroacoustic, multimedia, metamusic, imaginary and ritual works that have been heard throughout Europe and elsewhere.

Through many years, from his youth, he contributed decisively to the development of the avant-garde in Romanian music, representing the last generation of its kind. The 70's generation launched a new avant-garde, who had as main goal not the negation of the tradition (as previous generation did) but the recovery of the origins.

Nemescu and his colleagues launched the spectral current in Romanian music (Illuminations for orchestra 1967), with an orientation towards the usage of the ison (drone).

'The generous music specter provided by Octavian Nemescu allowed me total freedom in choosing the works featured on this podcast's episode. Including drones and ambient here and there - definitely dark and reflexive - this mix can be listened continuously; each listening experience is unique. Play it on maximum!' *Side A Mix by Miron Ghiu.

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  • Gradeatia - A
  • Gradeatia - B
  • Metabizantinirikon - 1
  • In Par
  • Beitrissonum pour 8 heures du matin
  • Musique pour descendre
  • PhosisTriPercMetaMor
  • Natural Cultural
  • Omega
  • Secula-seculorum
  • Combinaisons en Cercles
  • Alpha

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