The Attic Podcast: 32. Izabel Caligiore - Lullabies For Insomniacs

''I recorded my mix using a selection of records discovered during my time in Europe; dub from Sweden and Holland, experimental groups from Mexico, Italy and Japan, UK post-punk, Portuguese (thanks to Steele and his digging trip there), Spanish, Swiss and Yugoslavian new wave and German Psych. After citing that list I realized how worldly the mix is, on that note most of my inspiration comes from traveling to foreign places, meeting the people and absorbing the cultures. During these travels I always take my recorder with me, I prefer to record the sounds of a place rather then take a photo. I find that sound has the ability to instill more emotion than the image projects. Time upon time I feel limited by my recording devices inability to capture the intensity and spectrum of these environments. Then and there the experience must stay which is beautiful in its own rite. The magic about records is they transcend the moment.

My label LFI (Lullabies For Insomniacs) evolved out of a radio show I was doing back in Melbourne which came to a hiatus when I relocated to Amsterdam; here I continue to do a monthly show on Red Light Radio. The segment was a 4 hours graveyard shift, each week I found myself searching for new music, finding an incredible amount of unreleased music floating around the digital ether. I suppose this is where the inspiration to create a label stemmed from. The feeling I have when I discover a record from years ago is incredible, it?s a vehicle of time travel. It worries me, that the music of today will be lost digitally.

The first release on the label is by Japanese musician Ken Sugai. We got in contact after he heard a guest mix by fellow Tokyo resident Chee Shimizu and was inspired. The following week I received a parcel with some cd releases he had done. Upon the first listen I was completely mesmerized by his unique and delicate style. The second release will be announced shortly, but what I can tell you about it is a double LP by New Jersey artist Unearth Noise, it will be his debut vinyl release with artwork by SF artist Mars1.''

Izabel Caligiore, owner of Lullabies For Insomniacs

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