The Attic Podcast: 37. Reggie Satanas

Reggie Satanas is Joris Dirven, a 41 years old frantic record collector based in Amsterdam. Growing up playing with Lego or drawing, Joris was allowed from age 9 or 10 to listen and handle the LP's his parents had in their house; a very diverse collection, about some 500 records in various genres.

Through skateboarding, Joris got in touch with so much more other music, such as metal, punk, reggae or rap, mostly through tape trading, as he didn't have the money to buy records. He started collecting records at the age of 15; 'back then the fleemarkets where awesome cause nobody cared about LP's in the early 90's.'

From pirate radio work in Hertogenbosch to doing a reggae program for VPRO's 3voor12 called BassRelic, Joris has been DJing since 16, on and off in various places and venues. Nowadays he's running a weekly show on Amsterdam based Red Light Radio, called Rege Satanas, where he also got stuck to the name 'some folk there kept calling me that hahaha..i like it.'


  • Teddy Phillips / Ken Nordine - Concert in the sky (intro)
  • Claudio Simonetti - The Survivors
  • Synergy - Relay Breakdown
  • Peter Bauwman - Chasing The Dream
  • Tangerine Dream - Convention of the 24
  • Jean-Pierre Decerf - Blazing Skyline
  • Mariah - Sokokara
  • Holger Hiller - Blass Schlafen Rabe
  • Mekanik Kommando - Beauty of Language
  • Cluster - Dem Wanderer
  • George Theodorakis - The Rain
  • Szajner - Brute Reason
  • Bernard Fevre - On The Channel
  • Anne Clark - Sleeper in Metropolis
  • Chromatics - Accelerator
  • Filosofische Stilte - Delusional Tunes
  • Nate Young - Comes Unbidden
  • Alessandro Parisi - Caeli Rore (Purificatio)
  • Unknown Artist - Maagzuur (Outro)

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