The Attic Podcast: 42. Summe

? (Summe) is a group of Berlin-based artists (including musicians, sound engineers, event/sound technicians, filmmakers, promoters, audiovisual media, DJs etc).

'We often try to challenge ourselves by finding ways to combine all (or most) of our skills to make an intriguing sets, showcases, installations and/or events. The reason we try to rise up to this challenge is because we want to create an environment that people can be aware of a deeper connection with others and with their surroundings through the sound/images that are being presented to them. Furthermore, we are also releasing music we find meaningful on our record label, which we use as a platform for artists with similar goals.'


  • Hans Heinz Stuckenschmidt
  • Maggi Payne
  • Esther Venrooy
  • LST
  • Akkord
  • Mike Parker
  • Dopplereffekt
  • Gabor Lazar
  • Jeff Mills
  • Joe Jones
  • Joan La Barbara
  • Ekin Fil
  • Column One
  • Hans-Günter Brodmann
  • Yogo Pausch
  • Karl Heinz Stockhausen
  • John Cage
  • Mike Majkowski
  • Eliane Radgigue

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