The Attic Podcast: 53. Disco Not Disco Belgrade Soundsystem

Disco not Disco is one of the most famous party serials and DJ collectives from Belgrade, Serbia. Disco Not Disco parties are held at the boat 20/44 on the Sava River. Resident DJs are: Brka, Schwabe and Toshke. They often invite special guests from the international underground scene.

Disco Not Disco music selection varies from disco to house and Yugoslav curiosities. Disco Not Disco crew respects the following principles: no sponsors, no advertising, no profit! The first Disco Not Disco party happened on 8 December 2007.

This mix was recorded by DJ Brka & Schwabe at 20 44 in Berlgrade in October 2016.


  • Bison - Way to LA (Day)
  • Ruts DC – Militant
  • Eivør - Trøllabundin (Yør Kultura Edit)
  • BECKER - STEGMANN - ZEUMER - Mein_Tanzlied
  • JackWasFaster - Granada Liberación
  • The System – Almost Grown
  • DKMD - I'm Watching You
  • Bernard Lavilliers - Night bird
  • Spike - Orlando Du Monteras (Sexican Version)
  • Mirage – Nesto nedostaje
  • Goth magic
  • Logika Otkrica – Pusti me da letim
  • Roderick - Zasto zene u nasoj unutrasnjosti jos uvijek nose crne marame
  • Loud Guitars
  • DJ Sotofett - Soukas Mix
  • Carlos Hernandez - Roller Giggle

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