From The Archives Podcast: 8. Musique Concrete

Duke Slammer has a release out on the label Cosmic Pint Glass and has put a mix together from his musique concrète collection.

Luke Sanger aka Duke Slammer has been a busy boy lately, from regular appearances at Berlin?s infamous Panorama Bar, to composing game soundtracks for Ubisoft. In the first installment of Cosmic Pint Glass' Keg series, Luke dons his Slammer hat for a holiday inspired selection aimed at the dance floor.


  • Pierre Schaeffer - Cinq Etudes De Bruits-Etude Violette (1948)
  • Otto Luening-Vladimir Ussachevsky - Incarnation (1953)
  • Mario Davidovsky - Synchronisms No.5 (1969)
  • Pierre Schaeffer - Etude Aux Chemins de Fer (1948)
  • Wolf Vostell - Elektronicher De-Collage. Happening Raum. (1968)
  • Vladimir Ussachevsky - Piece For Tape Recorder (1956)
  • Andre Boucourechliev - Texte 2 (1959)
  • Claude Ballif - Points, Mouvements (1962)
  • Denis Smalley - Chanson De Geste (1981)
  • Delia Derbyshire - Mattachin (1969)

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