The Attic Podcast: 55. Andy Votel

Andy Votel is a musician, DJ, record producer, graphic designer and co-founder of Twisted Nerve Records and the reissue label Finders Keepers Records.

Having built a reputation through Violators of the English Language, Andy Votel began mixing psychedelic music with jazz and hip-hop records at clubs like The Hacienda and Home And South from the early 1990s. He is an internationally renowned DJ and has performed at events such as Sonar, All Tomorrow's Parties, and the Green Man Festival. Votel founded the B-Music DJ Collective alongside ex-Hacienda DJ and journalist John Maccready. Other B-Music collaborators include David Holmes, Belle And Sebastian, Edan, Bob Stanley and Gruff Rhys. Votel has presented shows for Radio 4 such as 2011's Free Wales Harmony, which documented the history of Welsh protest music. He appears regularly alongside Stuart Maconie on The Freakier Zone show on BBC 6 Music.

Along with Doug Shipton and Dom Thomas, Andy Votel founded the reissue label Finders Keepers. The label gained itself a strong reputation from carving a niche in reissuing vinyl obscurities from around the world, tracking down artists such as Selda Bagcan, Bruno Spoerri or Jean-Pierre Massiera.

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