DJ Down the Rabbit Hole on Failure

I wouldn't bear the name Down The Rabbit Hole if such a concept given to me by The Attic to work with would not plunge me deep into a meta-verse of subjects. I see failure as a valuable tool. What failure is to some is the beginning of the new for others. Sometimes society needs to fail to disrupt it's mindless self-propelling behaviour in order to set priorities straight. This also applies to the self as hermeticism teaches us: As Above, So Below. Deliberate failure, often perceived as rebellion, is a valuable tool too.

Especially in a society who's sole objective seems to be to manufacture 'a sense of' consent and in which grows an intolerable attitude towards everything that does not fit law, corporate interests or mainstream culture. The great war is now fought where the information flows: Online and in your mind. For your mind. Hyper normalisation is it's name. The internet, once an anarchist's technological utopia, open and free, is now under siege and is slowly turned into a tool for oppression by the ancient structures of power. The fight for our attention will occupy our minds when there is a real danger which unfolds itself underneath our feet: the anthropocene and the Sixth Mass-Extinction Event that it incorporates.

Mankind is now having a destructive influence on every scale of our ecological system, both the very large and the very small. This is the real danger to us all. Most of us obviously dare not to face that. Talks about 'greening' our techniques and delusional fear (paranoia) about terrorism are overshadowing the major cause of most of the problems that we will face in the next decades. That cause is overpopulation. This means YOU. Your children. Your needs. Your wants. This truth scares too many people. Having children is one of the most destructive things you can do to the environment and ironically to the survival of the human species. It is because I have an immense love for life that I tend to have a focus on the dark side of life. I shine light on what is obscured and tabooed. The mix below is an example of this.

"The music speaks to you every day, but you are too deaf, dumb, and blind to even listen to the music. You are too deaf, dumb, and blind to stop what you are doing." Charles Manson

DJ Down The Rabbit Hole, whose real name is Jeroen Holthuis, co-runs the Ordo Viatorum record label. He has his own radio show on Intergalactic FM named Club Extremities focussing largely on contemporary off-centre club music culture in which he displays selections of post-industrial, synthpop, (dark)wave, ebm, techno, post-punk and anything beyond. He releases music under his Onont Kombar alias and is one of the members of Celephais of which a debut LP just came out (read a review here). He is also a regular contributor for SEER Radio for which he does conceptual non-dance audio collages from records found in his collection.


  • H∑RM∑S - Irkalla [Primal Instinct]
  • Ena - 13th Divided [Horo]
  • The Boats - Inverse Galois Problem [Other Ideas]
  • Craow - HRD 5 [Nostilevo]
  • Dedekind Cut - Fear In Reverse 2 [Hallow Ground]
  • Damaskin - Unseen Warfare [Unknown Precept]
  • Violet Poison - Seeding Holes [Veleno Viola]
  • Emptyset - Function: Vulgar Display Of Power [Subtext]
  • Meer - Rouhk Hia Sada Al Aadam [Voidance Records]
  • Mater Suspiria Vision - Welcome To New H [Phantasma Disques]
  • Kerridge - Disgust [Downwards]
  • Zosima - Katorga [Enfant Terrible]
  • Operant - New Limbs [Instruments Of Discipline]
  • Vatican Shadow - Shooter In The Same Uniform As The Soldiers [Type]
  • Precision Surgery - The Scyth 1 [Kurzwellen]
  • Neugeborene Nachtmusik - Two Steps At The Time [Enfant Terrible]
  • JK Flesh - Nothing Is Free [Downwards]
  • Onont Kombar - Radiance Of Sorrow [unreleased]

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