The Attic Podcast: Christian S

Christian S has been honing the craft of playing different kinds of electronic dance music since his arrival in Cologne, a city with a vibrant club landscape in the mid-90s, and multi-storied house and techno heritage that has stuck with him (and the city) for good.

DJ travels have taken him all over Europe to known venues, as well as a growing list of cities further afield such as Mexico City, Los Angeles, Moscow, Buenos Aires or Tel Aviv. But Christian S never loses his love for odd little places: strange music, and weird off-the-beaten-DJ-path parties; as reflected by his own rare, underground parties in Cologne and his appearances for over 10 years at Dusseldorf?s infamous little "post-kraut Hacienda", Salon Des Amateurs.

I met him in the summer of 2017 at Waha Festival, where he played a brilliant daytime set in the middle of the nature. This is his contribution to The Attic podcast series. Tune in !

Find Christian S on soundcloud and facebook.

*photo credits: Anton Moisseev


  • Arena México DF
  • K Leimer - Explanation Of Terms
  • Doxa Sinistra - The Other Stranger
  • King Kong - Try Not I Dub
  • Kondens - K3
  • William Eggleston - Musik Documentary
  • Falke - Live In A Bubble (Ergin Erteber Remix)
  • John Cage - A Room For Piano
  • Pep Llopis, Vicent Alonso - El Meu Promés [Edit]
  • Uwalmassa - Untitled 06
  • Takemitsu Toru - Clap Vocalism
  • Iury Lech - Barreras
  • Johnny Love & the Amethyst Garnets - Little Girl
  • Gökçen Kaynatan - Madimak
  • TBZ - OG beers / A1
  • Peter Bouncer - Ready for the dancehall tonight
  • William Eggleston - Musik Documentary
  • DJ SCSI - Communication
  • 木魚 - Love 木魚
  • Claus Comedi - Les Jardins De Genève
  • Ken Boothe - Memories Lotion
  • Rumanian Truck Stop

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