The Attic Podcast: Marimba

Marimba is a Berlin-based project created by Elia Buletti (active as Delmore FX, dj Giorgio Gabber, poet and founder of the label Das Andere Selbst) and Paul Jones (Stolen Recordings co-founder, member of Mothership convention, Cindytalk). The duo has already released a tape (self titled, DAS, 2013) and appeared in several compilations on DAS and, lately, on Artetetra's Exotic esoterique vol.2 with "Turkish Rainbow".

Marimba are able to find a perfect balance in an apparent constant chaotic flux that smells of candid and naive human made music passing through lunatic and sparkling sketches of bluesy country music, primitivist folk, undertowish lo-fi beats, free jazz and tropical exotic ambiences influenced, among the others from projects of the Scandinavian scene (Tsembla, Tomutonttu, Uton, Kemialliset Ystavat).

At every moment we are not sure if we are listening to some alien trial of emulating our music, some otherworldly stuff found somewhere into an anonymous bag or some blurry and unclear dreams of the night before.

What is life if you can't be punched and then get a kiss (to be released on the Italian cassette imprint Artetetra) is an oneiric musical hallucination for bedroom allstars. Perfect for a sunset on a dirty shiny beach with margarita and DMT.

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