The Attic Podcast: DJ Konga aka Paed Conca

Born in Berne, Switzerland, and currently living in Beirut, Lebanon, bass and clarinet player Paed Conca is an experienced musician in the fields of experimental, improvised, and electronic music.

Conca has written music for theatre, dance, and film productions and small ensembles, and his past and current projects include Blast4tet (with Dirk Bruinsma, Frank Crijns, and Fabrizio Spera), Best Before (with Bruno Meillier and Dominique Lentin), Cleee (with Martin Schutz, Patricia Wydmer, Madeleine Bishop, Margrit Rieben, Thomas Meier, and Dirk Bruinsma), Bushwac (with Steve Buchanan), Praed (with Raed Yassin) and Porta Chiusa (with Michael Thieke and Hans Koch).


  • John Coltrane (the missing Seattle part 1965)
  • Lester Bowie - For Fela
  • Fela Kuti - No Agreement
  • Cheb Khaled - Ghir L‘zarga
  • Ahmed Adaweya - Magnoon
  • Ahmed Zahir - Eibotebirham
  • Morocco - Ela Tho
  • Tafo/Nahid Akhtar - Zambo Zambo
  • Joe Henderson - Teeter Totter
  • Pharoah Sanders - Black Unity
  • Tidiani Koné & Orchestre Poly-Rythmo - Djanfa Magni

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