The Attic Podcast: Mike Majkowski

Mike Majkowski is a double bassist and composer born in Sydney, Australia, currently based in Berlin. He works solo, as well as being involved in a number of collaborative projects, such as Lotto (guitar / bass / drums trio with Lukasz Rychlicki and Pawel Szpura), Illogical Harmonies (violin / double bass duo with Johnny Chang), Das B. (quartet with Mazen Kerbaj, Magda Mayas, Tony Buck), also a member of larger ensembles: Splitter Orchester and Konzert Minimal

Mike's solo work stems from a focus on spectral qualities of resonating frequencies and relationships between stillness and pulse. He uses a varied sound palette, including acoustic instruments (primarily the double bass), as well as field recordings and electronics.

The latest episode of The Attic Podcast series was recorded by Mike on his computer at home, comprising 'just a little selection of things I've been enjoying listening to lately.' Mike is very active these days. Lately he's been developing, composing and recording new material, mostly electronic music. 'Very soon I will be playing a solo show using only electronics; the first time for me playing solo without using the double bass. Also new releases are on the way, plus shows coming up with Lotto and Splitter Orchester concerts, and a couple of new projects in the pipeline.'


  • Artificial Memory Trace - Organfish (Electric Fish Songs From The Amazon)
  • Maryanne Amacher - Teo! Part 1
  • Native Instrument - Deep Frog
  • Chris Abrahams - As Tranquil As An Apple
  • Jon Watts - STARCHSIDEA001
  • N.M.O - DominantAkkord
  • Miles Davis - Rated X
  • Asis - Asis Part 3
  • Sun Ra - Solar Drums
  • Sil Electronics - V8
  • Yannick Dauby - 莫氏樹蛙 - Rhacophorus Moltrechti - Moltrecht's Treefrog
  • Anaphoria - The Star Is Formed
  • Alice Coltrane - Turiya

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