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October 22, 2018

M Squared was a pure DIY record label which was run from a small recording studio in Sydney, Australia between 1979 and 1984, founded by Mitch Jones and Michael Tee.

Together with a small group of diversely talented friends, they gathered in the Wilshire Street, close to the studio of Doublethink Records, to start their own project and go to war against the big record companies, with their ideas of Oz Rock.

Through the following time great artists like Shane Fahey and Patrick Gibson joined with an armful of cassettes of wonderful tunes that waited for their release and formed new project like The Makers of the Dead Travel Fast. The live appearances by Systematics and The Makers of the Dead Travel Fast over the summer 1981 started the fascinating challenge of trying to win over Australian pub audiences with M Squared's versions of "rock" music. The M Squared idea was that music does not have to conform with any sound or style. New styles were created, new directions were set.

German rising star producer Marius Houschyar investigated the label's path and selected 38 tracks which were released on M Squared between 1980 -1983. The selection features the following bands: A Cloakroom Assembly, A Spledid Mess, Denial, Height/Dismay, No Night Sweats, Patrick Gibson, Prod, Scattered Order, SoliPsik, Systematics, Terse, The Barons, The Makers of the Dead, The Slugfuckers, Ya Ya Choral.


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