The Attic Podcast: Uj Bala


November 12, 2018

Gabor Kovacs is a Budapest-based musician and visual artist, also an alumni artist of the Shape platform. Active in a number of projects, he works with a wide range of genres and sounds, although his main output is Uj Bala. Uj Bala merges noise, psychedelia and fringes of techno and summons the rhythmic skeletons of dance music to bring order to his backdrop of mangled synth noises. In the past couple of years Uj Bala released on labels such as Baba Vanga, Altered States Tapes, Czaszka Rec. or Dalmata Daniel and toured all across Europe with his live act.

The French Los Dogs Entertainment's 13th release is the new album of the Hungarian technohead. Cold Valley Breeze, Highland Rape delivers broken tropical loops, irritant techno and mutant acid freak outs. Six tracks of night-time exotica, evokes the images of dripping junk behind the fruit store on a Saturday evening.


  • Delphin Dora & Mocke

    Des Notres

  • Youngs & Meek

    Part IV

  • Tarzana

    Deep Ocean Ibex Arena

  • Aaron Dilloway

    No Eye Sockets (For Otto & Sindy)

  • Wetware


  • Madteo

    Avenida Liberdade

  • Stred Sveta

    ProtÈka Pudni Tmou

  • Metrist

    Knights Of The Templar, Here Comes Neil

  • N1l

    Mud Diver

  • c_c

    Nieblas, Neblinas

  • Simo Cell

    Feel Di Kouala

  • Iueke

    Dem A Burning

  • Sister Body

    Ring Of Fire

  • Yoshinori Hayashi

    Waterwheel (Dj Sotofett's Dubcurve fix-mix feat.Osaruxo)

  • Ricardo Villalobos

    Baila Sin Petit

  • YPY


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