Radio is a Foreign Country


February 22, 2019

Radio is a Foreign Country is a new mixtape series run by Kenneth Routon from New Orleans, Louisiana.

Besides other regular podcast formats that fill up the hidden corners of the world wide web, RIAFC proposes a unique listening experience. Imagine yourself trapped into a cheap hostel located somewhere in a far out obscure small town, with only a portable radio in your pocket and you find yourself switching through the radio stations.

This special episode of Into the Archives podcast comprises radio transmissions and vintage records from around the world (China, Thailand, Indonesia, India, Iraq, Lebanon, Algeria, Ethiopia, Somalia and Tanzania), original Balinese gamelan recordings, Ghazal classics, film soundtracks, radio broadcasts from Kashgar, bootleg cassettes, shortwave radio recordings and more.


  • Under a Dim Crescent Moon (excerpts), Shirley & Spinoza Radio

  • A Day in the Sun is Like a Radio to Me (excerpts), John Thayer/Power Moves Library

  • Pemungkah, Gendér Wajang of Kuta

  • Ngajuh Hudjan, Lies Embarsari Bersama Zaenal Combo

  • Radio India (excerpts), Alan Bishop/Sublime Frequencies

  • Chura Liya Hai Tumne Jo Dil Ko, Asha Bhosle and Muhammad Rafi

  • Thodi_Door Saath Chalo, Pankaj Udhas

  • Al Hecha, Artist Unknown

  • Ya Makhthat Al Welif, Adiba Azezine

  • Dabka Dance, Semi Sheheen & His Utica Orchestra

  • Children’s Arabesk Mixtape (excerpt), Küçük Canan /Rebel Up!

  • Radio Algeria (excerpts), Alan Bishop/Sublime Frequencies

  • Engenanelane, Betsat Seyoum & Abbebe Fekade

  • Diryaan, Qadijo Qalanjo

  • Chozi Lanitoka, Sharmila & Black Star Musical Club

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