A Study On Percussion


June 2, 2019

Percussion plays a vital part in any musical composition. It often serves as the backbone on which all other instrumentation grows and finds its way not very different from the symbiosis between the heartbeat and the human body. Outside of the human voice, it was our first encounter with music making as a species. The realisation that the simple action of two given things creating sound upon coming into contact, opened a new world of opportunities.

And in this simplicity of inception lies its strength, its tribal and transcendental qualities and its unique ability to transcend time and space like nothing else. Rhythm exists since more than 200.000 years. My intend with this mixtape is to pursue this pure flow of percussive rhythm, breaking free, simmering to the essence of its tribal and transcendental qualities.

This is not a celebration of the best percussive rhythm in music but a meditation on how powerful and mesmerising it can be. So I wonder if we experience the same ancestral, uncontrollable desire towards rhythm as our ancient mothers and fathers did when observing that first percussive noise created by contact?


  • Yas-Kaz

    Kuruisourou Floor Beating Jembe Solo

  • W Stronę Cienia

    Towards The Shadow

  • Guem Et Zaka

    La Foret Vierge

  • Glen Velez

    Snake Eyes

  • Mohammad Reza Mortazavi


  • Salvador Ferreras

    Imaging East

  • Mkwaju Ensemble

    Flash Back

  • Tomaga

    Il grido del martello

  • Ströer Duo

    Talking Drums

  • Aphex Twin

    Kladfvgbung Mischk

  • Rex Ilusivii

    Mirrors, From The Archives

  • Art Blakey & The Afro-Drum Ensemble

    Love, The Mystery Of

Contributed By

Dragoș Munteanu

Romanian music selector based in London. Host of the JAS radio show on Netil Radio, a show exploring the depths of jazz music.

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