Andrei Rusu

Co-founder & Senior Editor, The Attic

Co-founder of The Attic, Andrei is mostly overseeing technical operations of the platform, and occasionally acting as Senior Editor.


Written by Andrei Rusu


Discovering The Women Singers of Turkey from the 70s and 80s

An exploration of Turkish music from the 70s to 80s, written, produced or performed by women.

Andrei Rusu


On Listening To Everything

Music is everywhere. You claim to listen to everything, but do you really?

Andrei Rusu

Edited by Andrei Rusu


Magda Mayas - A Portrait of the Pianist with Three Grand Pianos

Accretion is a remarkable performance for three grand pianos and one pianist, and a collaboration between Berlin-based pianist and improvisor Magda Mayas, and Gothenburg-based choreographer Toby Kassell.

Andrew Choate