Luigi Monteanni

Co-founder, Artetetra

Co-founder of post-geographical label Artetetra, Luigi Monteanni has spent a year researching the ritual of Kasenian Réak in Bandung, West Java.

He is currently developing a project involving local groups and artists for the release of field recordings and the production of a documentary in collaboration with Gigi Priadji of Trah Documenter. His current interests concern the idea of exoticism during late globalisation.


Written by Luigi Monteanni


Investigating the Javanese Ritual of Kasenian Réak

The second article exploring the vast territory of Indonesia investigates Java’s Sundanese culture, specifically the ritual known as Kasenian Réak.

Luigi Monteanni


Indonesia For Beginners: Priangan and Gamelan Degung

Luigi Monteanni explores the vast music territory of Indonesia. First stop: Priangan and Gamelan Degung.

Luigi Monteanni