First Person

On Listening To Everything

Music is everywhere. You claim to listen to everything, but do you really?

Andrei Rusu

Challenge, Failure and Fatality

Essentially, everything is about that feeling of utility. Multidisciplinary artist Mitoș Micleușanu explores the multiple faces of failure.

Mitoș Micleușanu

Improvised Music Depends on Failure

The difference between not-a-total-success and absolute-failure is often one of attitude.

Andrew Choate

Objective Improvisation in Japanese Music

The Japanese tabletop improvisation scene is often characterised by several kinds of weakness.

Richard Hames

Failure Is an Ever Changing and Intangible Concept

Failure is the primary relation we have with ourselves and to the world.

Sam Shalabi

Introduction to Failure

How to fail in three easy steps.

Dragoș Rusu

Margaret Beissinger Answers to Questions on...

Failure has to be recognized by the “failer”.

Margaret Beissinger

Alan Bishop Talks About Failure

Self-proclaimed intellectuals are the only ones who don’t realize they are idiots.

Alan Bishop

Failure of Affect in Contemporary Music

In contemporary classical music the discipline has reached the end of a process of finding material.

Richard Hames