Rush Hour re-presses Kenny Larkin classics

Rush Hour re-presses Kenny Larkin classics

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January 29, 2015

Amsterdam based record label Rush Hour is known for its taste in unearthing great electronic music that has been kept hidden or forgotten. This time, the Dutch label co-operated with Kenny Larkin/Art Of Dance and released a collection of highlights from Larkin’s 1991 to 1997 period, in a series of 6 separate vinyl releases; from A to F.

Kenny Larkin has recorded many classic tracks on a number of different labels, under many monikers. These records have been out of print for years. Rush Hour picked some favorites from different classic releases: the ''Azimuth'' LP, originally released in 1994 on Warp, 'POD' on the Belgian Buzz label in 1992 and the 'Metaphor' material, originally released on R&S Records in 1995. The first batch of three releases is available in the Rush Hour store. The second batch will be available later this year.

Dutch techno representative Steve Rachmad mixed up his 10 favorite classics, which can be listened below. Since their start, both artists have had great influence on the techno genre and in their careers their paths crossed several times. Kenny Larkin began producing in the early nineties, influenced by Juan Atkins and Derrick May, as well as the Chicago house music scene and has produced many techno classics.


A: Kenny Larkin – Presents: POD – The Vanguard EP
01. Myopsis (Dark Comedy Rmx)
02. Vanguard
03. Lifeforms
04. Northern Light

B: Kenny Larkin – Presents: Azimuth EP
01. Azimuth
02. Q
03. Tedra
04. Track

C: Kenny Larkin – Presents: Metaphor EP
01. Soulman
02. Nocturnal
03. Loop 2
04. Sympathy

D: Kenny Larkin – Presents: Dark Comedy Pt. 1
01. Clavia’s North
02. Without Sound (Original Mix)
03. Plankton

E: Kenny Larkin – Presents: Dark Comedy Pt. 2
01. Paranoid
02. The Bar
03. Eclectic

F: Kenny Larkin – Presents: Art Of Dance Sample EP
01. Track (Alternative mix)
02. Chasers
03. Dark Disco

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