Raster-Noton founder announces new album

Raster-Noton founder announces new album


February 17, 2015

German artist, musician and founder of Raster-Noton, Carsten Nicolai, has recently announced the release of the third volume of Xerrox, as Alva Noto. This album comes four years after the solo album released in 2011, titled Univers.

The second release from the Xerros series came out in 2009 and included samples from the likes of Ryuichi Sakamoto, Michael Nyman and Stephen O’Malley through Nicolai's Xerrox software.

Full track list is not available yet, but FACT gives a hint (a track called ''Xerrox Eboshi''), which can be heard in the last track of the Boiler Room mix, by Opium Hum (on his real name Michail Stangl).

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