Moon Duo releases new album - Shadow of the Sun

Moon Duo releases new album - Shadow of the Sun


February 24, 2015

The side project of Wooden Shjips' guitarist Ripley Johnson and musician Sanae Yamada releases their fourth studio album as Moon Duo. Highly influential label Sacred Bones Records will put Shadow of the Sun on shelves at the beginning of May, serving as follow-up to their 2012 album Circles.

A full stream of this droning psychedelic rock album consisting in 9 powerful songs can be listened on NPR Music, but just as an early West Coast punk viciousness teaser, you can find the video to the track Animal, on your right side, starring pro skateboarder Richie Jackson, resulting ''the world’s first skate video without a skateboard''. 'Animal' will come as the A-side of a 7-inch, packaged with each copy of the vinyl edition.

Moon Duo's newly acquired steam engine, Canadian drummer John Jeffrey is also present on the band‘s last release. As they state, this album is the ''result of months of wrangling with a profound feeling of being unsettled — there are off-kilter dance rhythms, repetitive, grinding riffs, cosmic trucker boogies, and even an ecstatically pretty moment.”

While Sanae Yamada talks about what the word psychedelic means to her and what her formative psychedelic experiences were, in a nice feature for RBMA, Ripley Johnson prepared an audio guide into psychedelics, mixtape which can be listened above.

Track list 'Shadow of the Sun':

01. Wilding
02. Night Beat
03. Free The Skull
04. Zero
05. In A Cloud
06. Thieves
07. Slow Down Low
08. Ice
09. Animal

Moon Duo's Psychedelic Excursion by Ripleyj on Mixcloud

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