Bernard Fevre reissues early library music

Bernard Fevre reissues early library music


March 4, 2015

French musician Bernard Fèvre, better known for his moniker Black Devil Disco Club, plans to reissue two library music albums from his mid '70s days, when he as composing music under his own name and under the alias Milpatte. Another piece to complete the trilogy package is the '78 Disco Club, released on RCA under the Black Devil name. The three LPs will be released in May on Lo Recordings, the purveyors of high quality experimental music since 1995.

''Listeners will have the exact sound of the studio I was using at the time, hardly adjusted by me from the original Revox tape. It will be a journey for them to my side of a universe that until now I was the only one to experience. ‘The Kid In Me’ on my last album, refers to the child in me who thinks his music timeless and impervious to the march of time and the proof is that it continues to be enjoyed even today by young people all over the world, even in countries I doubt I’ll ever visit. These people could be my grandchildren!'', Bernard Fèvre states in linear notes of the release, via Harder Blogger Faster online publication. Concerning his influences, Bernard cites that his music is ''rather Phantasmo-psychedelic, as if the soundtrack to an imaginary film (few films were using this kind of music at the time). It could be used for a film like ‘Barbarella’ or ‘Interstellar’ instead of the very artificial synth you hear throughout the film. I also imagine it used in a movie with Gary Cooper, in place of the usual western music, or ‘Star Wars’, rather than the redundant symphonic music, or even in ‘Alphaville’, ‘Alien’ or ‘Mars Attacks’.''

For more library music, check out our series of Tales from the Library, compiled by librarian expert and fine connoisseur of vintage music, Camil Dumitrescu. His second episode, France, actually includes some of Fèvre's work.

Disco Club tracklist:

01. H Friend
02. Timing, Forget the Timing
03. One to Choose
04. We Never Fly Away Again
05. Follow Me (Instrumental)
06. No Regrets

Suspense tracklist:

01. Weekee Way
02. On the Channel
03. Skeeze
04. Magnetic Spool
05. Mister Green
06. What Happens
07. Double Dream
08. Rocal System
09. Too Much Water
10. Contemplation of the Mountains
11. Path of Tomorrow

Cosmos 2043 tracklist:

01. Space Team
02. N 59018
03. Central Way
04. Satellite 33
05. Ronde Interstellaire
06. Cimes Eternelles
07. Le Monde Avait 5 Ans
08. Moon Heart
09. Sunshine on March
10. Stars Away
11. Earth Message
12. 2043
13. Odyssee

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