Bandcamp pick of the week: Manuel Zurria - Loops4Ever

Bandcamp pick of the week: Manuel Zurria - Loops4Ever


May 5, 2015

Loops4Ever is the resulting album of restless musician of Manuel Zurria, with music by Alvin Lucier, William Basinski, John Duncan, Terry Riley, Pauline Oliveiros, Giancinto Scelsi among others.

''Foremost in my mind was the idea of being able to manipulate some compositions for flute, that were not original or were “extremely free ” in their conception, personalizing them to the extreme with the use of multi-trace or electronics. Only a work conceived in this way has led me to reflect on this music from its inside, interjecting the point of observation in order to discover a new projection of the sound. In a certain sense the two discs represent the two ends of the repetitive element, Loops4ever is as valid as its homologous and antithetic Drones4ever.''

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