Watch Etienne Jaumet live on France TV

Watch Etienne Jaumet live on France TV


May 6, 2015

French electronic music producer and sax player Etienne Jaumet is the first artist invited for “SEQUENCES”, a series of videos produced by France Télévisions et Radio France. The video is filmed at 360° and has a new 3D-sound system “Binaural”. The sound of this program is spatialized. The use of headphones is strongly advised.

Since the release of Night Music in 2009, Etienne Jaumet has kept himself busy. He’s been doing a lot of collaborations with the likes of Joakim, Richard Pinhas, Francois & The Atlas Mountain and released one album and a movie original soundtrack with his alter ego Zombie Zombie. Last year, Jaumet returned to his synths, his sax and his beloved TR808 for a new solo album. La Visite had been recorded in two months at the Versatile studio.

Etienne Jaumet dans la collection SEQUENCES

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