Bandcamp pick of the week: Tav Exotic - Tav Exotic


June 1, 2015

Tav Exotic is definitely one of the coolest Belgium based music projects that surfaced in the past couple of years. Founded in 2013 by Ernesto Gonzalez and Mike Crabbé (aka Weird Dust), the duo has released one album, a cassette and a 7'' single so far.

Ernesto González is also the man behind Bear Bones, Lay Low and one of The Attic's favorites Sylvester Anfang (review HERE). This is a self-released album, containing pure clock ticking bomb-gems, from the first till the last track. Expect big amounts of psychedelia, experimental, krautrock and synth-pop influences.

''If you don’t like synthesizers then peace to you.''

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