Damian Schwartz returns with a new album - The Dancing Behavior

Damian Schwartz returns with a new album - The Dancing Behavior


February 25, 2016

Damian Schwartz's next album is called 'The Dancing Behavior' and will be out April 25th on A Harmless Deed, the imprint Damian runs together with José Cabrera (aka J.C. known from Tresor, Soul People Music and Deeply Rooted).

Entitled ‘The Dancing Behavior’, the nine track affair is the natural next step after three essential 12”s on his own A Harmless Deed label since 2012. This is where Schwarz feels most comfortable right now, and is where he makes a starry, melodic brand of electric deep house. Though inspired by house and techno greats from the usual American hotbeds, he also puts to use his own formal background in jazz, composition and bass whenever producing electronic music. In fact, composition is vital to him, and he admits, ‘I always start with a melody that later defines the track’s progression, even if the melody itself is not exactly present to start with.’

‘The Dancing Behavior’ won’t be his first album - that came under his own name back in 2008 - but it is one that distils all of his influences, from Atkins to Konders, Drexciya to Gemini, into his own singular and abstracted sound. As a DJ with more than a decade’s worth of gigs at places like Output, Berghain and Robert Johnson under his belt, Schwarz knows how to move the floor but, across this album, manages to create a real sense of emotion and adventure that also works at home.

Track list:

1 / A1 – Everything I Am
2 / A2 – Frau Odd
3 / A3 – The Present
4 / B1 – A Sea
5 / B2 – Minor Moves
6 / C1 – No Waltz
7 / C2 – Trophic Cascasde
8 / D1 – A Remark I Made
9 / D2 – A World of Issues

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