Bandcamp pick of the week: Daniel K. Böhm - Carrier

Bandcamp pick of the week: Daniel K. Böhm - Carrier


April 25, 2016

The independent French label Eilean Rec., run by Mathias Van Eecloo, presents its 36th release, introducing the character Daniel K. Böhm and his album titled Carrier, which comes along with a wide spectrum of drone, ambient, electronics and experimental music.

Daniel K. Böhm is an elusive 'disgraced physicist', with a fictional background, 'best known for causing the reactor meltdown in Wüttenschlesig and currently residing on an abandoned cotton farm near Spur, Texas'. Even if the audience don't know much about him - just that he's 'continuously monitored by the IAEA' - this album speaks for itself and harmoniously consorts the story from the liner notes.

''I met Daniel in 2009 after a chance encounter on a country road. Stranded, he invited me to his small, dilapidated house.'' (...)'He silently placed a few cassette tapes in my hands. Artifacts. Wobbly spools rattled inside the cassette enclosures. He was a minor curiosity at the time—until I listened to the tapes. Then, an obsession. Much later, a letter arrived. It included an almost illegible signature, making me executor of his estate, which consisted solely of cassette recordings.'

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