New album by Mørk - Absolute Cosmic Principles

New album by Mørk - Absolute Cosmic Principles


February 24, 2017

Pregnant Void is a new division of Out-ER, focusing on contemporary electro-acoustic music, mean to imply advanced theoretical considerations and cultural projects as publications, books and seminars.

The first outlet sees Italian duo Mørk offering ‘Absolute Cosmic Principles’ double LP, composed by Emanuele Pertoldi aka Shaded Explorer – professor of sound engineering in North of Italy - and Francesco Devincenti, Italian artist known for building homemade synthesizers and co-founder of PicNic34 (with The Analogue Cops). In the last three years, Shaded Explorer released two ambient albums on Silent Seasons and an EP on Kabalion, sub label of Hypnus.

‘Absolute Cosmic Principles’ was born taking inspiration from a common thought Mørk astronauts always followed. Music has power, it can lead you to metaphorically anywhere, also to another planet, or to the Moon. Moon, like music, has been present in every culture. Like a tie accompanying the evolution of human kind, it makes us understand we have always been united by common surroundings and influences.

Track list:

1 | A1 - Mork - Theia
2 | A2 - Mork - Synodic Cycle
3 | A3 - Mork - Tides
4 | B1 - Mork - On Board Voice Transcription
5 | B2 - Mork - Satva
6 | B3 - Mork - Tama
7 | C1 - Mork - Ether
8 | C2 - Mork - Reiki
9 | D1 - Mork - 27.5
10 | D2 - Mork - Reaching The Legend

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