Tresor announces new album from Jonas Kopp - Photon Belt

Tresor announces new album from Jonas Kopp - Photon Belt


March 19, 2017

Jonas Kopp will release his sophomore album on Tresor Records: Photon Belt. Following Jonas' debut album Beyond the Hypnosis in 2014 and two distinctive singles Red Plented EP (2014) and HHH EP (2015), the Argentinian artist delivers a new full-length to the Berlin’s legendary imprint which will release on May 5th on double vinyl and digital formats.

Photon Belt is the name and concept that surrounds this contemporary techno LP. You can easily identify the sounds that relate the cosmic phenomenon to this mesmerising 10-track journey and the influences from Kopp's side project Telluric Lines that he performed at the last edition of Berlin Atonal.

Crucial titles such as “Galactic Core”, “Aile”, the eponymous “Photon Belt” and “5D World” are set to leave a large footprint in the continuous sequence of electronic music.

Track list:

A1. Electrons Splitting
A2. Projections From Alcyone
A3. Tuning Frequency
B1. Galactic Core
B2. Aile
C1. Photon Belt
C2. Into the Manasic Belt
C3. Bridge To The Stars
D1. Taygeta
D2. 5D World

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