Broken English Club releases new album on LIES - The English Beach

Broken English Club releases new album on LIES - The English Beach


March 29, 2017

Oliver Ho's Broken English Club project delivers 12 tracks of decayed electronics and metallic techno finding a very fitting home on Ron Morelli's L.I.E.S. imprint.

Titled The English Beach, the album is a sonic portrait of the strange and barren east coast town in England, called Dungeness. Known as the only desert in the UK, abandoned buildings and wreckage litter the landscape. Overlooked by a nuclear power station, it feels lost in time.

Created during time spent staying in a converted old fog single building, situated right on the seashore of this desert landscape, this new album is the next step in the project, following the Suburban Hunting LP released on Veronica Vasicka's label Cititrax.

Exploring the empty concrete soul of this English beach, the twisted metal ruins and crumbling buildings are drenched in dread and drips with a very English desolate romance. Dungeness is almost the physical manifestation of the Broken English Club sound. To compliment the album, Oliver has compiled a book of photographs of the area that also features William Burroughs' inspired 'Cut Up' word collages.

Track list:
A1 / 1. Stray Dogs
A2 / 2. Breaking The Flesh
A3 / 3. The Sun Rising
B1 / 4. Plague Song
B2 / 5. Pylon
B3 / 6. Rust Ballad
C1 / 7. Wreck
C2 / 8. Carrion
C3 / 9. Concrete Desert
D1 / 10. Wire Fence
D2 / 11. The English Beach
D3 / 12. Last Signal

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