Bandcamp pick of the week - Franco Nanni - Elicoide

Bandcamp pick of the week - Franco Nanni - Elicoide


April 18, 2017

Franco Nanni’s ‘Elicoide’ is a lost gem previously released in 1987 only in few copies. It is an album that showcases his idea of ­“Ascetic Trance” by referring to the music of John Cage, Arvo Pärt and the Mediterranean Organic scene.

Elicoide was performed live in a rare exhibition during the summer of 1987 by an ensemble with Franco Nanni himself, Paolo Grandi, Leo Croatto and Marcela Pérez Silva. During the performance, a special version of Poesia was presented for the first time, a song written by Peruvian composer Daniel “Kiri” Escobar and re-arranged by Franco Nanni.

The Italian musician has developed (with the assistance of Paolo Grandi on double bass) a minimalist and repetitive structure expressed into five long compositions ranging from jazz, avantgarde and ambient music, each one with its own precise character.

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