Peaceful Protest - VA out on RVNG

Peaceful Protest - VA out on RVNG


May 19, 2017

Distressed by an inequality proliferating from North Carolina’s policy-makers and considering the diverse backgrounds of the composers, RVNG furthers the meditative message beyond Moogfest in the form of Peaceful Protest, providing all proceeds from a limited cassette edition to the LGBTQ Center of Durham.

Peaceful Protest features six long-form compositions and recordings from Baltra, Kate NV, Zach Cooper, You’re Me, C. Lavender and Raica spread across three cassettes housed in a canvas package, lovingly designed by WWFG, screen printed by Keegan Mills Cooke and stitched by Hailey Desjardins.

Check out "KAK HOW,” a portion of Moscow-based musician Kate NV’s contribution to Peaceful Protest.

1. Baltra – Where Do We Go From Here
2. Kate NV – УХО EAR
3. Kate NV – ДУБ OAK
4. Kate NV – KAK HOW
5. Kate NV – ЖУК BUG
6. Kate NV – ЗРЯ SEE
7. Zach Cooper – The arts are the first to go.
8. You’re Me w/ Jon Scherk – Live From Deep Blue
9. C. Lavender – White Oleander
10. C. Lavender – Delphic Oracle Enters The Chasm
11. Raica – Stellar Remnant

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