marc listens - a video of Marc Barreca

marc listens - a video of Marc Barreca


May 30, 2017

Marc Barreca’s Music Works for Industry is a layered assertion. No longer than four minutes, no shorter than two, each piece on MWFI is a fragment of modern life.

Filmmaker Champ Ensminger reimagines Barreca’s assembly line of processes and industrialized inquisitiveness in his vignette marc listens. Watch the video on the right.

Perhaps peering into the music industry led to Barreca’s eventual career, and a similar impulse to more directly touch those at the effects of economic systems. While exploring the cassette version of Music Works For Industry, we found a business card tucked inside: Marc Barreca—bankruptcy judge in Seattle. Material traces of the cassette are evident in the record’s packaging, the album format a newly manufactured form for Barreca’s work.

Even in post-industrial times, Barreca’s music offers listeners easily consumable musings on current work conditions. Freedom To Spend accepts your hard-earned and fortuitously won money in exchange for these morsels, but also believes that you need not invest unless pressed.

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