Berlin industrial legend Gudrun Gut organizes utopian all-female electronic collective: Monika Werkstatt


May 31, 2017

The ambitious new project by Gudrun Gut (Einsterzende Neubauten / Malaria, etc) is called Monike Werkstatt. She invited 9 peers and friends from the European electronic community – Lucretia Dalt, AGF, Islaja, Barbara Morgenstern, Danielle de Picciotto, Natalie Beridze, Son, Beate Bartel, and Pilocka Krach – to escape to an artist’s residency in the German countryside for a long weekend of improvisation and collaborative exploration. Ended up with a 2xLP worth of heady new material.

Monika Werkstatt has its origins in collective workshops and in shared interactions. By sharing their own challenges and achievements later on with an audience, this opened a gateway to a further feedback and creative dialogue. Every moment, every gesture, every communication has been about empowerment, both individually and as a group.

History has a weakness for coincidences, and the release of “Monika Werkstatt” happily falls on the 20th anniversary of Monika Enterprise. A fantastic landmark and a means of celebrating such a tremendously talented collective that Gudrun Gut has orchestrated. The album will be released on June 16, 2017.

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