Terrence Dixon releases 12.000 Miles Of Twilight

Terrence Dixon releases 12.000 Miles Of Twilight


June 14, 2017

Following the ‘Frequency vs Atkins – Mind Merge LP’ (March 2017), featuring the collaboration between Orlando Voorn and Juan Atkins, Italian label Out-ER (Out Electronic Recordings) welcomes long standing Detroit producer Terrence Dixon for a 21 track triple vinyl pack ‘12,000 Miles Of Twilight’, out in July 2017.

This is Terrence Dixon’s fifth album and follows his last ‘Badge Of Honor’ released back in 2013.

As for his previous productions, 12,000 Miles Of Twilight remains an experimental techno asset offering many tonalities of sound, and provoking an array of emotion and sentiment. Characterized by high levels of depth, all tracks create warm as well cold, introspective atmospheres undulating together with the sensation of experiencing eras of ups and downs in electronic music, into which the producer stands by being one of its main protagonists. From grey, thoughtful and uncomfortable contributions to more colorful, cosmic and spatial ones, the album explores plenty of locked, soul-touching grooves – it showcases a dense concentration of musical contaminations, assembling both electronic deep, minimal patterns together with tribal, afro-house crafted infusions.

The album offers a non-linear, emotionally absorbing journey into the singular experimental edge of the Detroit artist, pulling the listener in all kind of directions from the opening track to the closing finale.

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