Mutant Beat Dance returns with new material

Mutant Beat Dance returns with new material


June 20, 2017

The project Mutant Beat Dance returns to Chicago based imprint Nation with a comprehensive new 25 track album and Steve Summers as the latest addition to the project.

In an interview for the magazine of Strange Sounds From Beyond festival in Amsterdam, the three artists talk about the origins of the Mutant Beat Dance project.

´The album has been developing for over 2 years, which has been deadly serious for me because I had to explain to Beau what I wanted to do for this album; not just making 8-10 songs and then walking away. I don’t like to be in people’s face all the time with music products but when I do I want to make sure they won’t come around for a long while, which gave me the idea for this album just like the 3rd edition of The Modern Electronic Element Series.

With Summers I personally asked him to join the project because he’s a unique talent like so many others I know who don’t receive the recognition they deserve; so I asked and he locked in to bring the behemoth madness to the table for the last few months, working harder than he ever has with much more than just electronic instruments, but then also working on a brand new set of songs only for this festival. Because the album was so crucial to complete we all didn’t want to go back in and try to create live versions of songs nobody has even heard at all. Of course nobody knows what we’re gonna do but there won’t be songs from anything we’ve done in the past, so don’t think we’re coming to cheese you out with hits because that’s not how I roll at all´
, explains Traxx.

Traxx is playing Outernational Days 2 on July 7, at The Ark, alongside iNSANLAR, Babau, Doug Shipton and Seltene Erden (Çaykh & Esclé).

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