New LIES album (+video) from Krikor Kouchian

New LIES album (+video) from Krikor Kouchian


August 8, 2017

Fresh off his in demand "KK" promo 45, Krikor Kouchian delivers 11 tracks of expertly executed, shimmering boogie funk. Think of the neon lights of the boulevard or a late nite drive through the lonely hills, Krikor Kouchian’s Pacific Alley propels you to a world of sleaze and excitement, where passion, money, and illicit substances take precedent and the sun beats down in a relentless unforgiving fashion.

Spending time as a youth in Southern California, the French born Kouchian developed an obsession with this Americana and the magic of everything California. The music on the radio, from pop, to funk, to hip hop fueled his impressionable mind, later on taking influence in his own music. Pacific Alley is a snapshot of this lost period, full of juicy low slung basslines, slow bpm cruisers, Linn drum crashes, and ride or die melodies.

This is boogie funk for the grift, a dollar here buys a bottle there so step into the shade, pop the tape in the deck and enter into the concrete dreamworld.

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