Ike Yard return with new material feat. Tropic Of Cancer


September 1, 2017

Ike Yard recombine their music looking across decades of post punk, electronic, soundtracks and come out with some of their best yet and enough to last the next 20-30 years (in Ike Yard´s very own words).

Originally founded in 1979 New York City, members Michael Diekmann (keyboard, guitar, vocals), Kenneth Compton (programming drums, synths arrangements, bass, guitar, vocals) and Stuart Argabright (programming drums, synths arrangements, distortion bass, keyboards, metal perc) reformed the band once in 2007 and again in 2010. Each time different and with new ambitions.

This time ‘Sacred Machine’ EP is defined by detailed drum layers supported by multiple basses and keyboards, some off-timing beat patterns that turn in a second of synchrony into a straight four on the floor kick and first time vocal collaborations. Composition wise ‘Sacred Machine’ EP is recorded as a ‘rehearsal’. As for Ike Yard songs would not be done so very many times in their existence, all threw in on each piece as they came into being.

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