Outernational Days crowdfunding campaign

Outernational Days crowdfunding campaign


September 16, 2017

When we drew the line after the second edition of the festival, we realized that despite its massive success, the festival was a financial failure. There is a risk that the organizing company (Sounds in The Attic LTD) will face foreclosure due to the inability to pay some of the invoices. What hurts the most is that the festival risks to go bankrupt and thus will be unable to continue.

As we did not have a cash flow that would have allowed us to purchase the plane tickets for all the artists attending the festival (54 artists and 2 journalists) early enough, we used the services of a travel agency that helped us to purchase a part of the tickets (around 80%) with a due date payment (after the festival).

As we have used up all the resources, as we did not find any sponsors that would support us retroactively, as we did not find that Mecena to save us, the only thing we can do at this critical moment is ask for your help, the help of everyone and anyone that can and is willing to give us a hand.

This is a call for solidarity addressed to everyone we know and to everyone who knows us, but also to the ones who do not know us yet or who we don’t know yet, to everyone who attended the festival and saw what we built with very few material resources, to everyone who has heard of the festival, to everyone who shut the door in our faces or who did not answer our calls anymore our e-mails just before the festival, when we proposed them partnerships, to everyone who believes in music, in the importance of music and in the force through which music unites people, to everyone who believes that this festival is necessary to the community, to Bucharest and the entire country, and most importantly to those who believe that this festival must continue to happen.

If you want and consider that this festival is important for you, for the community you are a part of, for the musical scene, help us move forward. Please, donate as little as you can, because we cannot go on without you. Donate for the Outernational experience. Donate for live music. Donate for an independent, non-commercial festival, that happens once a year, donate for a beautiful and relevant thing that happens in your city, in your country. Help us make the dream of the third edition of the festival a reality.

You will receive (apart from all our gratitude, gifts and free entries at the future Outernational Nights) that unique feeling that you donated for something that’s good, that you did a good thing, that you helped a festival that can bring something new for the music, but who is currently stuck in an impasse out of which it can’t get out, that you made a difference, no matter how small, as small as you could from your small square.

Tell everyone about the festival. Encourage them to help us, because this project deserves to go on. It must go on. And we believe that the good prevails. Because music matters.

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